Amiko Mini Combo

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Few simple steps: 

1st. You need connect your box to the interent by cable or Wifi.

2nd. Add CCCam or NewCamd line. Go to Menu > Internet > Net Client Config and add server information:


Service Port: 0 (we using 4 digital port number so just add 0 at front) 

Server name: always starts with sid


DES key: default

Active Server: OK

EMM Enable: OK

Emulator: NewCamd or CCCam (Select CCCam if you have Premium service)

Store settings. Reboot your box and all shod be ready to watch!




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To install cccam on technomate boxes, Simple procedure has to be followed.

First start up your box. Now follow these steps:

-Press and hold the power button on your box front panel as it starts up

-A number will appear in your front display and thats what your box IP Address ends in.

Note: For example if the number is 5, then your box Ip Address is

-Now with a web browser you need to connect to that IP by typing it in the browser.

Note: Remember your PC/Laptop must be on the same IP range

-On bottom right of this page you`ll see "CCcam Edit" under the menu Edit Email Config. Press "Click"

 -If it requests for password, type and proceed

-Finally a field will appear with a button beside it called "Add Line"

-Remember the line format you should enter is like this:

C: server port user pass  # CCCam line sample

N: server port user pass 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14   # NewCamd line sample


This was the standard procedure for installing CCcam on technomate boxes.


Openbox / Skybox

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OPENBOX S10 HD CCcam / NewCamd setup easy way..

  1. Go to menu..
  2. If you can`t see Network Setup option 
  3. then just press 4 times button [6] on your remote control.
  4. Go to Network Setup 
  5. Now go to CCcam Client Setup 
  6. Enter password [Default:0000]
  7. Choose 2nd option Manage Config Files
  8. Choose 1 CCam.cfg file from the list.
  9. Now you can add CCcam or NewCamd lines by pressing Blue button on your remote control.
    1. Protocol: CCcam / NewCamd
    2. Host 
    3. Port [we use 4 digital port so enter 0 first]
    4. User [starts with SIDxxxx]
    5. Password [8 digital ]
    6. Save it by pressing Yellow button.
  10. Now you need activate your line, you can do it with Green button on your remote control. If line active you can see small box with tick simbol at the end of your line.
  11. Last step to reboot your receiver.


 Go to MenuNetwork Setup Password: 0000 Manage Config Files CCcam.cfg Add the line Activate line


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